About Us

I-C Automation is a single source of advanced industrial automation services with extensive experience in design, engineering, manufacturing, robotics, networking, installation and process improvements.

I-C Automation has successfully completed projects across various industries. With I-C Automation’s resources and the freedom to choose the best available technologies and solutions, we can help our customers take their operation to the next level.

Deep process knowledge and exceptional service enable successful automation. At I-C Automation our combination of talent, experience and independence sets up each unique project to succeed. Our diverse collaboration of disciplines fits with small budget efforts or massive multi-discipline automation initiatives with proven solutions from project identification to project completion.

I-C Automation’s engineers work with technologies across different vendors to create the best solutions for our customers.  The technologies and platforms we choose are driven by the needs of the project and our customers. Customers who want the best results from these solutions depend on I-C Automation to implement, integrate and optimize them for their project.

We’re always learning new and better ways to meet our customers’ evolving needs. Sharing knowledge across industries, our cross-functional teams have broader, more creative problem-solving skills. We apply the latest technology, innovative thinking, and specialized experience to our work designing custom automation solutions.

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